Something that hasn't happened since before the pandemic is coming back; and to do it, they need your help!

Back in 2016, the St. Louis County Public Health department started recognizing local individuals and programs that "made significant [contributions] to improve the health of residents or communities" in our area. For the five years that followed, the agency gave out their Public Health Achievement Awards.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, that award process was halted for a variety of reasons. Now, the county is looking to bring that award - and the recognition that it brings to deserving people and groups - back.

But they need your nominations to do that.

Right now, the St. Louis County Public Health Department is accepting nominations for the award. You can submit your nominations online at the landing page for the presentation. Deadline for submissions is Friday, March 10.

The winner will be selected "based on their leadership, Public Health contributions, community health improvement outcomes, collaboration, and advocacy". The award will be presented during the St. Louis County Board meeting on Tuesday, April 4.

Here is a list of the previous winners:

  • 2016:  Ruby's Pantry and Eversmiles Pediatric Dentistry
  • 2017:  Verne Wagner and the Diabetes Prevention Program partners (Duluth Area and Mesabi Family YMCA's and Essentia Health in Duluth and Virginia)
  • 2018:  The Rutabega Project and Health Hemphill Keely
  • 2019:  Dr. Laura Palombi, the Ely Community Care Team, Dementia Friendly Duluth, and Ashley Grimm
  • 2020:  Rachel Doherty and Barbara Hinsz (Mesabi East Environmental Education Center), Dr. Jennifer Jones and Dr. Jordan Blessing; and the South St. Louis County Veterans Treatment Court

You can learn more about the program, the award, and more on the counties website.

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