Many use the start of the New Year as a time to make some changes in their lives.  They plan things like working out more, spending less, and getting more organized.

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While the start of the year might be a good launching point for things, I feel like spring in the Twin Ports is a better time.  It's getting warmer, there is more daylight, and most people feel a bit more motivated in that time of the year.

One area to focus on that I think a lot of us, me included can benefit from is a look at finances.  Think of it like a spring cleaning of your finances before those summer adventures and spending come into play.  Below are some things to look at to help you be on a better financial path.  Keep in mind, I'm not a financial expert and these are just some general thoughts and shouldn't be taken as financial advice.

Check your credit

As ridiculous as I think the credit system is, which is another whole story, most of us rely on it for loans, credit cards, and other things.  The better your score usually means better interest rates, and the likelihood of getting approved for loans.  Knowing where your score is, and where you want it to be can help you make sound decisions on spending if you are considering getting another credit card or loan.  It takes time to build credit, and sites like Credit Karma are free and can give you tips on increasing your score.

Review your spending on subscription services

Spring is a good time to look at everything you spend money on.  Think of even the little things that add up, like streaming services you subscribe too.  Are you more outdoorsy when it's nice out and spend less time watching services like Netflix?  Consider cancelling it for a few months and see if you even miss it.  Ask yourself if you really need YouTube Premium or if you can handle a few ads when watching videos.  Dropping a few of the little expenses can add up to quite a bit of savings.

Set a savings goal

Saving can be tough, especially with the prices of everything like groceries, fuel, and utilities.  Starting even a small savings goal can seriously motivate you to watch your spending.  A great way to do this and not touch it is to add another savings account at your bank that isn't tied to your primary savings or checking.  Make the goal attainable and when you reach it, keep going or spend it on something nice for yourself.

Review your budget or start one

If you're like me, your question will be "what's a budget?".  I personally kind of wing it on that, but for a lot of years didn't even wing it.  Having at least a 'winging it' budget and knowing where your money is going every month can make a huge difference on your spending habits.  A list of what's coming in for income and going out, will help you make better financial choices and know where to make some cuts.

There is so much more you can do when spring cleaning your finances and if you need help, a good place to start is your financial institution.  I've relied on mine from time to time to help give some guidance on things to potentially consolidate, and other savings options.  The resources are out there, you just need to choose to use them.

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