Living in the Twin Ports region means we have lots of opportunities to view fall colors as the leaves continue to change before winter.

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If you're up for a drive, rolling up the North Shore usually has decent views with plenty of overlooks of Lake Superior to enjoy as well.  Another option is heading towards Bayfield, Wisconsin by way of HWY 13.

Even sticking around Duluth and Superior, you don't have to go far.  However, there is another option for viewing the leaves you might not have thought about.

A much more fun way if you ask me, is going for a helicopter ride to enjoy the changing of the seasons.  Yeah, there will be a bit more cost to it versus taking your car or truck, but it's an experience that's worth it.

As a wedding gift a couple of years ago, we were given an opportunity to fly with Lake Superior Helicopters.  Our trip was right around this time of the year, and it was definitely a fun time I would recommend.

Joe and Penny Danger on a helicopter ride- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
Joe and Penny Danger on a helicopter ride- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

The whole staff at their facility was friendly and welcoming and our pilot was top notch with the flying skills, making sure he gave us the best views of the leaves and other areas of the Twin Ports.

Tours start at right around $100 per person and when you think of what you spend on a night out at the movies or even going to dinner, that's not that much money for what you get.  As an alternative to the same ole way you view the fall colors, consider taking a helicopter for an extra special experience.

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