As much as I enjoy going to new movies in the theaters, I dig going to classics as well.

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Bigger and smaller theaters will often do one-off showings of classics.  A lot of times these are centered around anniversaries of the film.  We went to Jaws a while backs, Gremlins, Spaceballs, and several others and it was a great time.

The problem is that when theaters do those special showings, they don't really advertise them like they should.  Many that I go to don't even have half full theaters and it's kind of sad to see.  I talk to people the next day and they say "I didn't even know about it or I would have gone".

An upside to social media is being able to catch wind of various events you might normally not.  A few days ago a buddy of mine posted that the 1981 classic Heavy Metal was going to be played in Duluth in later September.

Zeitgeist is a huge part of the Duluth community featuring art, various programs, improv and theater, the restaurant and bar, and of course the Zinema Theater.

Not only can you rent the theater to play your own movies for special events like birthdays and anniversaries, but they also feature special movie nights.  For one night only, on Wednesday, September 27th they will be showing Heavy Metal.

Tickets are only twelve bucks for almost an hour and a half of loud, nasty, dark fantasy.  Probably not one for the young kiddos, but definitely a good adult date night once to catch on the big screen.

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