I recently have been on a break from trying random and new to me bourbons, as I've been on the Bulleit Bourbon train for a while.

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We hosted an early Christmas this last Tuesday night and when I stopped into Belknap Liquor for party alcohol, one of their displays caught my eye.  Proudly displayed was a bourbon I had not heard of before and product placement and positive employee feedback sold me on a bottle of High West Bourbon.

I didn't read the label other than noticing it said, " A blend of straight bourbon whiskeys", I then glanced at the $27 or so dollar price tag and snagged it.  Upon getting home, I didn't make the time for my usual bourbon taste test, where I try it neat.  I simply dropped two cubes of ice in my glass, poured it on top, and took a healthy swig.

Smooth and sweet were the first thoughts running through my mind as I quickly finished the two or so fingers I poured myself.   Sweet, but not too sweet sums it up and it's probably worth the price of admission for a bottle, but I wouldn't pay much more than $30 with so many other great options available at that price point.

High West Bourbon Back Label- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
High West Bourbon Back Label- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

High West's website which was not the easiest to find, describes its taste as "well balanced flavors of candy corn, honey nougat and sweet corn bread biscuits".  I can see that for sure, but the bourbon itself really shines through the sweet.  I don't know what bourbon whiskeys they blend to make it, but they do claim it's aged a minimum of two years in charred white American oak barrels.

Considering I've been hammering down Kentucky bourbon, I have to say the High West offering out of Utah was a welcomed surprise and will be on the "purchase again" list.

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