Many of us run on a steady diet consisting of some form of caffeine.

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Some get it from coffee or tea, others from energy drinks like Red Bull or Monster Energy, or even from pills.  While caffeine puts some pep in our step, can help us start our day a little easier, or aid in that mid-afternoon yawning bout you might get into, it can have some negative effects too.

Caffeine can have some serious health impacts depending on consumption levels, and of course everyone's body is different in how well we process or handle it.  If you consume caffeine on the regular and then had a day or two where you just didn't, have you ever noticed a headache?  If you did, it's probably from caffeine withdrawal.  Similar to a drug, our bodies get used to a certain dose and when it's taken away, can react negatively.  Thankfully those symptoms usually only last a day or so.

Caffeine has been shown to cause anxiety, higher blood pressure, and of course insomnia.  Getting a little more extreme, studies have apparently shown it could cause gout, heart attacks, and even and early death.  When you think about it though, they say just about everything can cause those more extreme examples.

Bottom line is, everything in moderation, right?  We know how our body feels depending on what we consume, so listen to it.  With March being National Caffeine Awareness Month, maybe take some time to evaluate how much you're consuming.  Or maybe even challenge yourself to go a week without it and see how you feel.

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