Both Kate Middleton and her husband, Prince William, have been granted new titles thanks to Prince William's father, King Charles III.

King Charles has now named Kate as the new honorary Colonel of the Irish Guards, according to People. The role comes as no surprise since the Princes of Wales has been honoring that specific guard regiment since marrying into the royal family.

As for whose role she is taking over, well, that would be her husband Prince William. He was previously named Colonel of the Irish Guards by his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, back in 2011.

However, Kate is not the only one to be granted a new title. Prince William has also been granted a new one, that being Colonel of the Welsh Guards.

But the granting of new titles did not end there. Queen Camilla also has a new title. She has been given the title of Colonel of the Grenadier Guards, an honor that once belonged to Prince Andrew before it was removed by his mother.

The news of additional titles being granted to the royal family comes as they gear up for a busy 2023. One of their first major events comes on May 6 when King Charles' coronation ceremony is set to take place.

Shortly after that on June 17, the first public celebration of King Charles will take place as his birthday is then celebrated. It is worth noting that his birthday is not until November, however, it is celebrated earlier due to better weather.

While it is a time of celebration for the royals, the addition of titles comes after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle released their Netflix documentary series. In it, Harry implies Will and Kate were envious of Meghan's popularity.

The royal family has not responded to the accusations as of reporting.

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