Imagine your friend asking you to film one of the most important moments of their life, and you fail. That's what happened here and there's a raccoon to blame.

Girl Has Good Intentions Recording Her Friend's Proposal

TikToker @marydawsonl had a big job, recording her friend's proposal. The stage was set and when the moment arrived, Mary was ready with the camera rolling. As you can see in the video, the couple is standing in a cute, staged area with candles and hanging lights. You can't hear what the couple is saying, but you can tell something special is about to happen.

And right before it does, Mary gets a little distracted. As she looks to her right, the camera goes with her and she's surprised by a raccoon spying on the moment.

Over 5 million people watched the missed proposal. She may not have got the guy on one knee, but she did get a cute video of a creepin' raccoon.

How the Friend Felt About Her Proposal Video FAIL

Mary felt horrible but, thankfully, her friend wasn't mad at all. In fact, she thought it was hilarious. She even said that she probably wouldn't have ever looked back at the video if it wasn't for the raccoon. Plus, there was backup.

"There was someone else taking live pictures and she’s also the most care free person ever," Mary noted in the TikTok video's comments.

What Happened to the Raccoon That Photobombed the Proposal Video?

The raccoon actually hung around. It crawled on top of their roof as everyone was celebrating. Clearly, it was trying to party...or maybe just looking for some free cake.

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