At this point, it might be a bit of a pointless exercise to single out any superhero movie as “underrated.” The fact is there are so many comic-book films these days, and they dominate so much pop culture conversation online (See: A large portion of what is published every day on this website) that really no film of this genre is ever truly overlooked and need of reassessment.

AND YET! There are some superhero movies that, for one reason or another, do not get the love and respect that they deserve. Maybe they followed a more successful and popular entry in a long-running franchise, and they looked inferior in comparison. Maybe they were besieged by bad publicity prior to their release. Maybe their marketing was terrible, and as a result few people actually saw the finished product. Maybe they feature an old and not particularly well-liked costumed crime fighter. Whatever the reason, these movies are far better than their consensus reputations.

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

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The 12 titles below, for example, are all widely regarded as flops or flubs, but are actually pretty darn entertaining — or at least a lot better than you would be led to believe if you took the fan ratings on IMDb or Letterboxd as gospel. The next time you’re sick of rewatching The Avengers and you’re looking for a new superhero movie to try, any of these would make excellent options.

The Most Underrated Superhero Movies

Comic book fans need to make sure they have seen these movies — no matter what they’ve heard about them elsewhere.
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