Jayme Closs is featured on this week's cover of People Magazine.

The cover features a happy photo of Closs with the words "her amazing escape" splashed across the front.

The inside story offers exclusive details of her disappearance and her harrowing escape.

Earlier this month, and after 88 days of being held captive, the 13-year-old was found alive. Closs had escaped her captor, who was holding her in Gordon, and ran to safety. In the short time since, more details have emerged regarding what she and her family have endured. (You can read the full feature here.)

The magazine cover does not feature Jake Patterson, the suspect in this case. I completely support this decision, as I believe the focus should be on Closs and her bravery. This cover does just that.

Newsmagazine '48 Hours' also dedicated a special edition of their show to the teen, just a few short days after she escaped.

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