Every state has their own little quirks and stereotypes, and I chose five that I have a working knowledge of.

This list is an obvious gross generalization as different parts of the states have different styles and types of people living there. But, here is just a humorous peek into your neighborhood bar.

  • Minnesota: A real sweet chatty type of guy drinking some type of microbrew or P.B.R. tall boy depending where you are. The crux of the conversation would be about the weather, and whatever sports team was in season.
  • Wisconsin: A woman drinking  would have a Bloody Mary in a mason jar that is the size of her head with a rotisserie chicken in it, a few cheese sticks, celery, sliders, green olives, and beef sticks. Plus the glass for the bump of beer would be pint size. Guy would be drinking something domestic out of a can.
  • Illinois: A guy drinking Bud Light out of a bottle who insists on talking louder then everyone else in the bar. Loves to slap people on the back when he greets them and laughs at his own jokes.
  • Iowa: Very quiet guy who likes to drink tap beer out of the same glass, maybe has a shot or two in between his beers. Wearing bib overalls and dirty boots, and thinks everyone in the bar is an idiot.
  • Kansas: Guy drinking a can of Coors with his starched western shirt and ironed Wrangler jeans with a crease down the front. Has cowboy boots on and his cowboy hat is resting upside down on the bar, while jIngling loose quarters in his pocket waiting for his turn to play the jukebox.

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