Do you have something that you use for work everyday, it breaks and you have to get it replaced ASAP? That was the position I was in last week, but today all is right with the world!

See exhibit A# my new headphones in all their glory as you can see in the above picture. Yep, my other crazy headphones I had broke on the side above the ear, which happens when you use them every day for hours at a time and are continually taking them on and off.

Fingers crossed that these last me a long time as this style is now discontinued, but that is part of the charm for me, I am a major weirdo and definitely follow the beat of my own drummer. That is why I do not have regular run of the mill ones, and also if I leave them somewhere everyone knows they are mine. I know it is not good to want material things, but sometimes a little purchase can make your day a little brighter! :)