Being in the business for the last 13 years you would think that I would know better and have a back up pair of headphones, but noooo that would make to much sense!

For anybody who has a certain piece of equipment they use on a daily basis, and to all of  a sudden not have it working stinks! Can you imagine being a roofer and your ladder breaks? Or a painter and all your paintbrushes break? Yep that is what it is like.

All my headphones I have bought have about a 2 year shelf life, so I should have known it would happen soon. I could run to a store and buy a pair, but these type of headphones are expensive so I found some on the Internet for a great price,

Photo courtesy of Skullcandy

Check out my new headphones that I ordered (pictured on left). I went a wild route because I think they are cool and also will not be mistaken for anyone else's in the building, So I have to wait 5-7 business days, but I saved some money and I will just use my I-pod ear buds in the meantime. Don't worry I will survive! :)