The Big M........... no not Mom but Mammograms. For some women this is something they look at as a milestone when they turn 40, but for others this annual test comes at a much younger age.

Today is the day that I am scheduled to go in for my annual Mammogram which I have been getting yearly since age 25. Cancer unfortunately plays a huge part of my family history and I have lost many people in my life to many forms of this disease,

My mother had Breast Cancer many years ago when I was just in grade school, she survived and was very healthy for many  years before dying from a stroke at the age of 80. But I have had other blood relatives who were not that fortunate. Early detection is always the key in dealing with any form of Cancer but getting a mammogram is just part of the picture, self breast exams also have been shown to be a key part of early diagnosis.

The stigma of only older women get breast Cancer has been debunked with many younger women falling into these statistics as well. Obviously your family history and consulting with your Doctor is the first step. The actual procedure is not that bad, but of course this varies for everyone and I am sure depends on the tech doing the exam. Be aware of changes in your body, you know it best, and keep in touch with your doctor.

Maybe someday down the road these procedure will be a thing of the past, but until we find a cure, if you fall into the age bracket or are urged from your Dr. make an appointment today. Most insurance covers this procedure, and If not their are many resources right here in the Twin Ports to assist you.

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