The Duluth Fire Department is being praised for all their help after the home delivery of baby Ezra who decided that he wanted be born a few weeks early. Now his parents are singing the praises of the department.

Last Monday at 2:45 am Ezra was born at his home three weeks before he was due. Ryan Glen who is the father said to FOX21 "It was Nuts! Just catching your own baby in the bedroom.” Ryan went on to say it was definitely a roller-coaster of emotions going on. Not only was Ezra born early but everything happened very quickly. His wife was in labor about 9 1/2 minutes total before he was born which did not give the fire department enough time to arrive to assist in the birth.

When Ezra was first born his parents were very concerned about his coloring and initially being unresponsive, but quickly his coloring improved and he was alert and making cooing sounds. When the fire department arrived they were able to calm the couple and help to safely transport the new born baby to the hospital. The firefighters made sure the baby was warm and a few of them even rode in the back of the ambulance to the hospital with mom and baby. Although this is not a typical call for the fire department their medical training and professionalism was a welcome sight.

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I could not imagine the sheer panic that this couple went through with the baby not only coming early but so quickly, and with them not being prepared or trained to deliver the him. Thankfully everything went smoothly and baby Ezra is healthy and happy. Congratulations to the family and as always great job from our Fire Department!

Jesse Hansen, a Duluth firefighter said to FOX21 " We deal with a lot of negative stuff in our job, so it’s great to be involved in something so precious as the birth of a child for everything to work out the way it did. And mom and baby to be healthy and great. It’s super gratifying."

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