I would consider myself quite the expert with 1 full weekend of Watercross under my belt from last year, and so I have compiled a list of things you should bring to guarantee you will have an awesome weekend.

After you have purchased your tickets for both days of racing fun, you absolutely will want to go both days believe me, I have put together a handy checklist of some essentials you will want to bring along.

1.) A folding camping type chair ( We do have a nice bug set of bleachers to watch the races, but in case you want to get closer to the action on the shore this is a must.)

2.) Sunscreen: We all know how quickly the weather can change and you will be right near the water. You don't want sunburn to ruin your fun.

3.) Bug Spray: Self explanatory

4.) Binoculars: Yes you will be right on the course, but If you want a real close up look some portable ones will be cool.

5.) Camera or smartphone: You will definitely want to try and get some pictures of the action either of the racing action or maybe you posing with the drivers. I say a smartphone because most of them take pretty good pictures.

6.) Umbrella: Obvious, the event is rain or shine

7.) Sharpie: The racers are all very accessible and love to give out autographs

8.) Your Watercross gear from last year, wear it like a Boss!

9.) Sunglasses: Protect your eyes from the glare off the water.

10.) Cash: We have tons of awesome vendors and you will want to treat yourself and indulge. Also, the weekend would not be complete without some watercross gear that will be for sale! See #8 above!





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