If you are considering getting a small breed dog there are some key things you need to know about them and also what supplies you might need. Growing up I had a Golden Retriever and then in my young adult hood a Lab and my roommate had a German Shepard. So, I thought I knew dogs pretty well that is until a small breed dog came into my life.

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Now just like any dog breed small dogs are not all the same either, some have more needs than others like our chihuahua Tinky. She is in constant need of attention and belly rubs and is never laying on the floor she is always on the couch with me. Our Shih Tzu is super chill lays on the floor and only wants attention when it is time to eat or go to the bathroom. She also is 14 years old so that makes a difference too. One word of advice is watch your step, small dogs are always wrapped around your feet and you always need to watch where you are stepping. The following is a list of items that can help you pamper your little dog and make them feel safe and loved. All the items listed below can be found at PetSmart.

Items You Will Need For A Small Dog

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