Ahh the joys of home ownership. We experienced that first hand this past week, and I am being very sarcastic on the joy part. Taking a week off a work to do a huge project on our house seemed like a good idea at the time, but now not so much.

It has been a record hot July and of course when I set up to take time off to sand and re-paint our deck I had no idea I would be battling these conditions along with my total lack of knowing just how big a project this was going to be. God bless my family who helped out as much as they could, and also forgave me for not being in the best mood most of the time.

Our house was a construction zone for most of the week, and the kids did a great job of staying away from the backyard.  It was a definite character builder, and made me have even more sympathy for people who work outside on a daily basis.

With sanding completed and on to the painting, it was a very slow and labor intensive job. I had so many times where I would say to myself, oh nobody will notice that. But, I realized why go through all this work and not do it right?

So, back to work today,  with the railings all done with two coats of paint, and an attempt to start painting the deck floor, only to realize after I used up half the can, that it was not as dark as we would have wanted. Mission not accomplished. The deck is still not done, need to get more paint and try to fit this project in after work and on weekends.

So my new mantra, just get it done before the snow flies, stay tuned.

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