The Superior Street reconstruction project started back in 2018 and was done in 3 phases with the final phase wrapping up this week. This has been a huge adjustment for businesses and residents who live and work in the area, but it needed to be done and here we are. Our radio station group moved downtown into the Holiday Center in November of 2019 and it was a big adjustment for all of us, especially the on-air staff.

The Mix108 and B-105 studios face Superior street with floor to ceiling windows and believe me when I say we can see everything. Our old studios had 1 window that faced a hallway, so we could barely see what was going on outside, to this. We were all wondering how loud it was going to be once construction started, it was loud, very loud some days, but fortunately our microphones did not pick up the outside sound.

Construction on this third stretch of Superior street started on April 8 2020 and is finally wrapping up this week, just a few days over the projected deadline of October 31. I must admit it does seem kind of weird now to not see the giant machines and workers pacing back and forth day after day digging up the ground, loading up trucks, filling the holes back up etc. But we are all looking forward to easier access to the building and the traffic to resume on this main vain of the city.

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This week some thing we saw wrapping up were concrete being poured for sidewalks and barriers, blacktop was poured, new streetlights and traffic lights were installed. Also a massive clock was put up right outside our window on the sidewalk which is a pretty cool. Striping will be done from Lake Ave to 2nd Avenue West and the road will be open to traffic starting on Monday November 16. Thank you to everyone behind the scenes and on the worksite for all your hard work, the road looks great and this work was long overdue. So, next time you are downtown make sure to wave to us, we love it and if we see you we will be sure to wave back!

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