On Friday night's episode of The Tonight Show, beloved television host and former SNL comedian Jimmy Fallon had legendary singer Lionel Richie join him to film a hilarious segment spoofing Richie's iconic 1984 hit single, "Hello," as well as its cheesy corresponding music video.

During the sketch, Fallon appears in an (at first) unsuspecting art studio, looking a bit like Bob Ross while wearing a God-awful auburn afro wig (and more pastel clothing than a late-80s valley girl) as he paints a rather somber and dramatic portrait of the singer. As the nostalgic piano keys kick in to reveal the melody of the classic track, Fallon begins to sing a sorrowful rendition of "Hello"—and as the camera pans, it is revealed that a bust of Lionel Richie's head (his actual head, nonetheless) is perched on a table in the studio. Here, the duo begin their strange duet, Richie barely keeping it together as Fallon looms behind him, singing dramatically and longingly at his head.

In a funny twist ending, it turns out that Lionel's head is the infamous clay bust from the track's original music video all along, a loving and playful nod to the 1984 video which saw a beautiful blind student of Richie's character, a drama professor, mold a hilariously inaccurate bust of Richie, a silly prop that has been mocked in the decades since its airing. Check out the original video, below:

Well, leave it to Jimmy to craft yet another superb and giggle-inducing pop-culture viral moment.

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