Think of a number one through 10. Is your number five? If so, then you've succesfully identified the title of the Jonas Brothers' upcoming album!

Keeping with the popular trend of naming your album after a number or Roman numeral (see Beyonce's '4' or Chris Brown's 'X'), the Jonas Brothers have announced the name of their upcoming album as 'V.'

The JoBros are having quite the busy week. In addition to announcing their new album title, Kevin and his wife Danielle announced that they are expecting their first child. On top of that, they also kicked off their tour in Chicago. But wait! There's more -- at said show in Chicago, they premiered four new songs! It's all happening at once!

The tracks included 'Found,' 'The World,' 'Don't Say' and our personal favorite, the very dark sounding, 'What Do I Mean to You.' Nick Jonas, the mastermind behind most of the band's tracks on this upcoming LP, has clearly gotten darker on 'V,' and we're lovin' it!

The new tracks (due out this fall!) definitely give heed to Kevin's assessment that the new album will "be much more of a party than things were, even in the past."

We can't wait to get down with the Jo Bros!

Watch the Jonas Brothers Perform 'What Do I Mean to You'

Watch the Jonas Brothers Perform 'Found'

Watch the Jonas Brothers Perform 'The World'

Watch the Jonas Brothers Perform 'Don't Say'

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