That’s one hot body!

Former ‘American Idol‘ winner, ‘Sparkle’ star, and Jason Derulo‘s lady love Jordin Sparks shows off her banging body in a royal purple bikini on the cover of Shape magazine.

Spark’s weight loss has been well-documented, as she dropped 50 lbs. and four dress sizes.

Sparks was spurred into getting in ‘Shape’ not because of pressure to conform to Hollywood’s often impossible-to-live-up-to standards but because she felt fatigued and couldn’t breathe after a walking pneumonia diagnosis.

“I just wanted to be healthy,” Sparks said (quotes courtesy of The Daily News). “I remember thinking, ‘I’m in my prime. I should be happy and fit.’ That was the moment when I decided that changes needed to be made.”

Sparks stared down her issues and took inventory of what she was doing wrong. She knew she had to enact change in order to get healthy, admitting, “I was barely working out, and my diet was a mess. I had to address when, what, and how much I was eating.”

Sparks adopted portion control habits, ate leaner foods and made smarter choices and began hiking. It was a perfect storm of activity that lead to her rock hard bod! “The weight really started falling off, and I could see my muscles. It was awesome,” she said about her victory in the battle of the bulge.

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