With a catalog of songs that champion love, loss and patienceJordin Sparks' musical niche seems to have been carved out, but her latest, "Right Here, Right Now" is proof we may have jumped the gun on affixing a label.

Sparks, whose third album is on its way, has taken to a desolate wasteland in runway-ready couture for her latest video, and as if the sights of belly-dancing, male servants and swordplay weren't disorienting enough, the lyrics that accompany the production amount to a bit of a head-scratcher. Ready your Scrabble dictionary, and:

"Wyle out club, baby don't jump out the plane yet / Just won't fall in love, I can tell the way you grill / Me? I don't even have to trill / Tripping' so long that the neighbors know yo name / Just might call the hotel, maybe we should dip," she calmy croons.

Hmm. Okay, well...we love you Jordin, but, it bears asking:


Of greater concern: Has the sight of the singer's boxtop choreography reminded you of another pop star's venture into the desert?


Bear in mind, contemporary artists: The ice caps are still relatively untouched, and ready for your routine. A stanky leg performed atop the Caucasus? What a thrill it would be!

The song follows Sparks' "Double Tap," a collaboration with 2 Chainz that was released in March.

Check out the clip, and tell us what you think of Jordin's latest.

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