If you don't like the weather, just wait a half hour around here. We all heard that growing up in the Northland, and it still holds true. Just last week we saw some snow flurries in part of the Northeast Minnesota Region. Memorial Day Weekend was freezing cold, literally. There were overnight lows in the end of May reaching 21 degrees.

Then, wham! June 1st we are seeing temps forecasted today to reach the upper 70s. We talk to WDIO meteorologist Brandon Weathers each morning at 7:30 on the Breakfast Club and even he is surprised at the abrupt warm up. He says that each day we continue this week we will see warmer and muggier days.

The National Weather service is predicting a range of warmer temperatures. The highest temps will be Saturday in the forecast with highs anywhere from 83 to 94 degrees! That's hot! Temperature averages are usually around 72 degrees for the whole month of June for the Duluth area.

I asked Brandon if it's time to finally put the window air conditioners in. He said if you've been waiting, now is definitely the time as this week is going to just get more uncomfortable each day.

Doesn't it seem like we rarely have weather that isn't extreme around here? It's either freezing cold or unbearably hot. There's not a whole lot of in between. But for now, after a long cold winter and a chilly spring, I'm ready to sweat a little.

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