On Tuesday (March 20), Justin Bieber was seen at Craig David's concert at the Roxy in West Hollywood, CA with a blonde woman. According to ET, the couple wasn't being discreet as the singer had his hand around her waist during one song and she was dancing on him throughout the set. The girl was also spotted going to the 24-year-old pop star's home after the show. But who is she?

The mystery woman is Baskin Champion, a 22-year-old model. Bieber reportedly met the Alabama native through his good friend Patrick Schwarzenegger who is dating Champion's younger sister, Abby. Schwarzenegger and Bieber both attended Bella Thorne's Midnight Sun premiere last week, and Baskin was also in attendance. Could this be where sparks flew?

Bieber and his on-again-off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez seem to be on yet another break. A source close to the singer/actress recently told ET, "There's a big crew of people [in Selena's circle] who really don't like Justin and they especially don't like him with Selena."

"A lot of her friends really don't like him. They think he's bad news for Selena and don't approve of the relationship," the source added. Is this recent tryst with Champion proof Bieber isn't good for the "Wolves" singer or does it show he's already moved on from their relationship? Only time will tell.


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