More good news, Beliebers, and it seems like we’re getting treated to at least one new item a day from Justin Bieber‘s camp. The singer tweeted the name of his forthcoming second fragrance, the sequel to the best-selling ‘Someday,’ while his manager Scooter Braun shared the title of the new song that is scheduled to be released on iTunes on Tuesday (June 5).

The new scent will be called ‘Girlfriend,’ not ‘Never Let You Go.’ Obviously, it ties in with Biebs’ debut single from ‘Believe.’ Judging from the title, he’s sticking to female fragrances for now. Wise marketing move, since 99.9 percent of Beliebers are of the female persuasion.

Braun also shared that his client will be dropping ‘All Around the World,’ featuring rapper Ludacris, on Tuesday, so get ready. Since Da Biebs has partnered with Luda on this track, we know it’ll be loaded with — you guessed it — swag, swag, swag!

Below are the tweets posted by Bieber and Braun. That sounds like an accounting firm, doesn’t it? It’s actually not too far removed from the truth, since Bieber is pretty much printing money at this point, with all of his endeavors and revenue streams. That swaggy $6 million mansion didn’t pay for itself.

We can’t wait to get a whiff of ‘Girlfriend’ and to hear ‘All Around the World,’ that’s for sure.

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