At 17 years-old, singer Glaive has released a new song called 'Minnesota Is A Place That Exists', see how people reacted to it.

Glaive rose to fame during the pandemic by posting songs to Soundcloud. At a young age, he scored a record deal with Interscope Records and has released a few EPs (Extended Plays) off the label. His new single is titled 'Minnesota Is A Place That Exists' and the music video for it was released this week.

His genre has been called hyperpop which is a combination of pop style music infused with a mixture of electronic, hip-hop, and dance music. Glaive was born in Sarasota, Florida, but his family moved to North Carolina. While virtually attending high school online during the pandemic, he followed his passion and recorded music in his bedroom before posting his songs on the audio distribution platform.

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So let's get into his latest single that features the name of our loveable state in the title. I really wish I knew why he picked Minnesota. Did it just fit with the song or is it based on something? The song contains language and the chorus goes like this:

I might just f***ing kill you
Lay you down to rest and tell your family that you went
To f***ing Minnesota
To f***ing Minnesota

Definitely not a love song, but here's how people have reacted to it:

This probably my favorite reaction out of all of them:

All in all, it is not the type of song I was expecting and I still want to know why he picked Minnesota. Do you remember 8 songs that mention Duluth? You can check out those here. If you wanna check out the music video 'Minnesota Is A Place That Exists', you can see it below (but again, be warned, as it does contain language):

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