Katy Perry may not have had a blockbuster on her hands with her ‘Part of Me‘ film, but that doesn’t mean movies and TV aren’t still on her radar. The ‘Wide Awake’ singer wants to expand her acting resume.

Perry has two motives for an acting career: personal and professional. Perry’s hectic touring schedule wreaked havoc on her marriage to Russell Brand (which was documented in her film), and she wants a buffer for her bulging bank accounts in case her next album doesn’t do too well. A friend explained, “Despite her pop success she knows her music career won’t last forever. And as she found out with Russell, all that touring isn’t good for maintaining a relationship.”

While she may not exactly be an Oscar contender, Perry does have acting experience. She voiced Smurfette in ‘The Smurfs,’ guest starred on her BFF Shannon Woodward’s sitcom ‘Raising Hope’ and actually turned down a role in ‘The Help.’

Perry’s pal revealed that she’s been undergoing both dramatic and comedic acting classes, telling press, “She’d love to be in a sitcom.” Hopefully her next films fare better than her documentary — and free up her schedule to get cozy with John Mayer!

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