Divorce certainly isn’t dampening Katy Perry‘s spirits nor is it causing her to change how she does things…like sign her name. The whole changing her hair color every five minutes? That’s a different issue and likely not a symptom of depression over her doomed union. Nevertheless, when the currently blue-haired pop star etched her John Hancock onto her divorce papers to dissolve her marriage from British funnyman Russell Brand, she embellished her signature with a smiley face. Was that physical emoticon a dig against Brand? Is Perry telling the courts she is happy to end the marriage? Does this mean war?

Nah! She usually signs her name with a smiley face. It’s Perry’s signature’s signature! There also looks to be a heart at the end of her signature, as well. PEOPLE shared the document, which is public.

The Perry-Brand divorce seems to be going as smoothly as these things can, with the couple agreeing to terms on the distribution of their assets. Even though Perry unfollowed her soon-to-be-ex-husband on Twitter a while back, things don’t appear to be getting ugly and each half of the former couple is moving onward and upward, smiley faces and all.

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