Katy Perry and Rihanna are besties who look out for each other and support one another no matter what the obstacle. Now, according to Star magazine sources [via Celebitchy], Perry and her husband Russell Brand are concerned for RiRi’s well-being and are looking to stage some sort of intervention.

Apparently, rumor has it that RiRi is still not herself after her domestic dustup with ex Chris Brown, that she is lonely and miserable about her love life, and wants a boyfriend. The publication reports that she has resorted to self-medicating to get through this unhappy spell.

Apparently, the source of speculation comes from fact that Rihanna tweeted that she was light-headed after her Dublin concert. Then she axed shows in Sweden, chalking it up to being sick, which was seemingly further cause for alarm.

The report does take these issues and magnifies them, suggesting they are symptoms of a larger problem. Anyone who has ever been on tour knows that you are in a different city every night, exposed to more germs from meeting fans, shaking hands and moving from place to place. It’s easy to fall ill. However, the tabloid media is hinting that RiRi might be boozing it up a little too hard. With her sexy outfits and her tough girl exterior, RiRi has certainly put forth a good girl gone bad image.

The Star source said that RiRi “calls Katy in tears, saying how down she is and that her life’s controlled by her label. She just wants a loving boyfriend.” RiRi did tell Ellen that she’s got nothing going on romantically. So maybe the Barbados-born ‘We Found Love’ singer just needs to cozy up to a good man to perk up her spirits.

Any takers?

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