According to the crew at TMZ, Ke$ha has agreed to a deal with condom maker Lifestyle for her upcoming tour.

The 'Blow' singer will have her face printed on 10,000 condoms that she can launch into the crowd during her world tour which is currently overseas and will make it's way to America on April 1st.

The condoms may come in handy considering what she told MTV about her tour:

“I really want, like when people come to my show, I want them to be like, ‘Wow! I just went to this party.’ Not like a musical show where you sit down and watch. I want people to feel involved and hopefully leave covered in sweat and glitter, maybe beer and hopefully on a mission to get laid after wards… I hope I can inspire people to want to get laid.”

Well at least she is being honest, shes not running around saying that she wants to change the world or getting all political with her views,  she just wants everyone to have fun.