Kelly Clarkson has officially brought the house down with the release of new single "Love So Soft" and the buzzworthy "Move You," both clear-cut signals the Piece by Piece singer is headed in a decisively more soul-pop direction with her eighth studio album, her first project with Atlantic.

Earlier today (September 7), Clarkson coupled the "Love So Soft" release with the unveiling of her most ambitious video to date, a stylish, colorful venture that finds its heroine shattering her home's most prized possessions with a particularly piercing falsetto yelp.

"Love so soft, you ain't had nothin' softer / Break it then you buy it and it sure gonna cost ya," Kelly bites across horn-guided verses and a Southern drawl you haven't heard since she took on Aretha on Idol

"Move You," a slower, groovier affair, begs for a complementary movie montage, and sears as it spells out the beautiful hurt of being completely and cripplingly lovelorn.

"Like the home that you were raised in, like faded photographs / Like the thrill of Christmas morning, I wanna move you like that," Kelly quietly broods as background singers offer doo-wop consolation.

Check out the first glimpse at Kelly 8.0 above and tell us what you think!

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