A busy section of roads in Duluth's Kenwood neighborhood will see some significant construction work starting Monday, July 31

Crews.will be improving road conditions, better manage traffic congestion and install new traffic control signals. The work will include:

  •  An asphalt mill and overlay of Kenwood Avenue from approximately 350 feet south to 350 feet north of the College Street Intersection.
  • Curb &gutter and sidewalk replacement on the west side of Kenwood Avenue from approximately 350’ north of the College Street Intersection.
  • The re-alignment of Lyons Street to convert Lyons to a one-way right turn only at the Kenwood Avenue intersection.
  • Signal work to remove the current two stage signal system and convert the system to a standard signal configuration at the Kenwood Avenue and College Street intersection.

While the improvements are going on,  College Street and at least one lane of Kenwood Avenue in both directions will remain open to traffic at all times.

Lyons Street will be closed to traffic and will not reopen until the project is complete. If you live on Lyons Street, you can use Artavia Street as an access route. The College of St. Scholastica entrance will also  be closed for reconstruction of the entry but should be open by September 1st but access is available using Benedictine Circle.

This project is expected to be complete in 4-5 weeks.

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