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Kim Kardashian's Prison Advocacy Work at Center of Documentary

On April 5, Oxygen will release Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project, a two-hour film showing Kardashian visiting prisons and working with legal experts on cases for people they feel have been sentenced to prison unfairly, like Alice Johnson.

When asked about the film during a Television Critics Association Event, she replied, "I'm very used to criticism, so nothing really fazes me. I really genuinely just stay focused on the cases and the people. I'm not doing it for publicity. I really do care." (via Cosmopolitan

Watch a preview clip of the documentary, below.

52% of Americans Have Never Deleted Anything From Their Devices

Spring calls for spring cleaning... and that doesn't just mean cleaning around the house! A survey of 2,000 Americans showed that 52% don't delete unused apps, images, etc. from any of their devices. Unfortunately, many don't realize that digital hoarding can take up about one quarter of a person's data storage.

In a recent survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Western Digital, research showed that another 60% have thought about deleting files to make some space but haven't found the time. Most used the excuse that once they delete said files, they might need them again in the future. (via Studyfinds)

Excellent News for Your Aquarius Social Life!

Aquarius season is finally here and it's known to be one of the most social times of the year because the sign is all about friendship. At this time of year you may be focusing on any of your loved ones and what makes them unique to you. You may notice the very thing that makes you connect to them, such as their habits and/or weird talents.

Now that it's nearly one month into the new year, you may feel progressive or driven for a positive change. Aquarius season is all about teamwork and networking, so use that and uplift each other to help make a change! (via Cosmopolitan)

Instagram Labeling 'False Information' Warning on Photoshopped Images

A new Instagram feature will use a “combination of feedback from our community and technology” to decide if an image has been Photoshopped or not. Said image will then go through a "fact checker" who will determine whether or not the image was altered. But no fear not, fellow Instagrammer: instead of the photo being hidden to the public, there will be a "false information" label if the fact finder determines the image has been altered. (via Shade Room)

Teen Girl's Life Saved Thanks to Quick Thinking and Social Media

On Jan. 14 in n Capitola, California, a 14-year-old girl from Northern California met 55-year-old Albert Thomas Vasquez. He reportedly gave her drugs which incapacitated her before he and two other men kidnapped the teen.

When she regained consciousness she found herself in an unknown area but was able to use the popular app Snapchat to get in contact with her friends. Her friends later used the map featured on Snapchat to pinpoint her location and call 911.

Once the local police arrived at said location, a motel, they found Vasquez leaving the room while the girl was still inside. He was later arrested on charges of kidnapping to commit rape; false imprisonment; rape by intoxication or controlled substance; digital penetration with a child under 14 with force; and lewd act with a child. The two other men, 34-year-old Antonio Quirino Salvador and 31-year-old Hediberto Gonzalez Avarenga, were arrested the next day on charges of kidnapping and conspiracy. (via Shade Room)

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle No Longer Royals

The couple have stepped down as official members of the royal family in order to live a "normal life." This means they plan to repay U.K. taxpayers $3.1 million (USD) for the renovation of the Frogmore House they used to reside in. The pair will no longer receive public funds and no longer formally represent Queen Elizabeth, but pledge to forever respect and uphold her values. They will also no longer use the titles of "royal highnesses." (via PopCrush)

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