The Minnesota Vikings have really pushed the last couple of their games to the very edge. Taking a lead, losing the lead, the game is tied and then down to seconds or overtime and hopefully a win. The Packer/Vikings game yesterday was one of those heart stoppers with the Vikings getting the W!

For the typical Vikings fan it can be a hard road to navigate. They definitely have the talent to make it too and win a Super Bowl Championship, but just never seem to get to that tipping point. And who is the first person fans blame besides the coach? The quarterback of course and for Vikings Fans that is Kirk Cousins.

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I admit that I have fallen into that trap too. He seems like he is the nicest guy in the NFL and is so laid back. I think that is what it is for me is he is cool as a cucumber at all times, which is great, but every once in a while you like to see a little fire from the QB, Statistically, on paper he is up there with the best Quarterbacks in the league, but again no Super Bowl trophy in the Vikings trophy case.

We all know realistically it takes a whole team offense and defense to be successful, but in that position, you are considered the leader of the team and playmaker so with the glory comes the bad reviews as well. But Joe Cool Kirk Cousins and team squeaked out a win against the Vikings making for a happy ride home. Check out the video below as Cousins comes upon a Minnesota Vikings Super Fan on the Highway!

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