A San Mateo, California feline with a thing for material items has been found guilty of stealing his neighbor’s goods.

In fact, the cat’s stolen over 600 items from around the neighborhood, including stuffed animals, clothing, hats and shoes.

The ongoing thievery has both perplexed and charmed the neighborhood, making Dusty a cat-celebrity all around town. Owners Jean Chu and Jim Coleman say the pilfering started about four years ago and, like a true expert, the cat does most of his stealing after dark.

They say that Dusty’s first stolen item was a latex glove that he left as a present for them on their bed. At first, Chu and Coleman didn’t think much of it. However, when strange items continued showing up in and around their home, they took notice. Chu even kept track of the things Dusty’s brought home in a journal.

The log reveals that, on average, Dusty brings back three to four items every night. His most successful 24-hour period looting yielded 11 items.

Coleman collects the item when he picks up his morning newspaper and Chu washes and returns the items to their rightful owners.

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