In the week following a major systems issue that hit Kwik Trip, we got a significant update from the convenience store chain sharing some good news and answering some questions and concerns that have popped up in the wake of the outage the company was impacted by.

We first got confirmation in the early part of last week that the company was experiencing what they referred to as an "incident" that was impacting their Kwik Rewards loyalty program and other systems for the company. The company shared an update last Friday, indicating that the issue may be seeing a resolution in the coming days.

In another update shared on Tuesday afternoon of this week, Kwik Trip provided some significant updates on the issue.

Company officials explained that as of Tuesday afternoon, their team was able to restore access to many of their internal systems. They explained that their credit/debit card processing systems remained secure and functional during this outage throughout the company.

Their Kwik Reward loyalty program is still experiencing an outage, and some other systems do still remain down, though they anticipate seeing these restored "in the coming days".

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While the company has not used any language to openly suggest a hack was the cause of the issues the company fell victim to last week, this seems to be what might have been the culprit. In response to that, they shared answers to some questions on this subject via their social media update.

Was personal data exposed during this incident?

In response to questions about whether any personal/sensitive customer data was exposed, Kwik Trip says they are investigating the incident with third party information security experts. While they say they will provide further updates, they do not currently have any evidence to indicate anyone's personal/confidential information was acquired by an unauthorized party.

They say that there is no exact timeline on the conclusion of this ongoing investigation, but they do say they expect it to wrap up in the coming days.

Can customers still receive credit for Kwik Rewards purchases?

The company says that while the system is offline, they still encourage customers to continue swiping rewards cards while making purchases. They state that these purchases are still being recorded, and they will award appropriate rewards once the system is restored. They state more information about missed rewards during the outage will be coming soon.

How are Kwik Rewards Plus customers impacted?

The company's Kwik Rewards Plus debit and credit cards continue to work in store as normal. Additional details are forthcoming, but they do say that members can expect their discounts to be awarded in the form of a statement credit when systems are restored.

If a payment was due during the outage, the company says it will work with customers to resolve and correct any potential late penalties when systems come back online.

Here is their full statement:

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