Before I get into this story, I want to be abundantly clear that I am not picking a side in this. Rather, I am just sharing with you a video from a prominent celebrity and reactions to that video.

Now that we have that out of the way, Lady Gaga has been hitting the campaign trail for Joe Biden today as the hours tick down before election day. As a part of her involvement, Lady Gaga posted a video on Halloween teasing that she would be making an appearance in a battleground state on Monday. If you follow the news (or Lady Gaga on social media), you probably have seen that the state she appeared in Monday is Pennsylvania.

The video called out Minnesota at the top of a list of battleground states that also included Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Florida, and Arizona where she was suggesting she might make an appearance ahead of Tuesday. In the video, she makes a case for people in these states to get out and vote and tell people you know in these states to vote, lobbying for her followers to vote for her candidate.

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While the video itself drew some criticism from fans that don't approve of the candidate she's endorsing or of her involvement in the campaign, the visuals in the video are drawing additional heat from some on social media.

The video, seen below, show shows Lady Gaga in military-style desert camo and boots while holding a can of Coors Light and leaning against a large pickup truck.

The comments on the video seem just as polarized as the rest of the election.

A number of commenters tweeted back at Gaga with a general theme of taking offense with her portrayal of residents of the states she listed. Here are a couple of the responses.

While there were plenty of people disapproving of Lady Gaga's video, there were still a large amount of fans supporting the message her campaigning for Biden.

The video also spawned some nonpartisan and less-biting comments and responses like the ones below.

Lady Gaga shared a follow-up tweet announcing that she would be making an appearance in Pennsylvania, including an additional photo in a side-by-side holding a Miller Lite. She also shared in that tweet that she apparently lived in Pennsylvania for a time. This tweet has been getting some of the same types of comments, with some showing love for Gaga and others disapproving of either her candidate of choice, her general political involvement, or the imagery she is using.

One disappointed fan tweeted the following:

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