Since 2012 when Lake Superior Art Glass set up shop in the heart of Canal park they offered people a glimpse into this amazing art form. It was important to them for people to be able to see how these beautiful pieces are made through live demonstrations in front of a large window and also of course with classes giving everyone a hands-on experience.

Lake Superior Art Glass website explains: " Between us and our artists, we can make most anything you come up with. In our studio, students can take beginning, intermediate and advanced classes. Lake Superior Art Glass also has the unique ability to make glass art right before your eyes."

And this Halloween you can choose the designs to make a beautiful work of art to celebrate the holiday for years to come. They are offering several fun events this year including a 'Design Your Own Pumpkin' which is available to participate in right now. When it comes to designing your own pumpkin there are a large variety of sizes, colors, and patterns to create one all your own.

The staff from Lake Superior Art Glass will be on hand to help guide you about what colors to use, and what stem colors work with what body type of your pumpkin and then you get to watch the glass blowers make your pumpkin right in front of you.

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Another activity is 'The Great Pumpkin Hunt'  on October 29, where 10 custom pumpkins will be placed somewhere around the city of Duluth in historic places and clues will be given out every 45 minutes to help you find them.

Lake Superior Art Glass Marketing Coordinator, Sully Kosmas said to FOX21: We started the pumpkin hunt at the beginning of COVID as a way to get people out when they weren’t able to really trick or treat, but we’re happy to keep it going after that to just get people excited about Duluth. To get people to explore this wonderful city that we’re based in and not just feel like they need to follow the exact same thing every year.

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