The Lake Superior Zoo is excited to welcome some new animals to the zoo, two Kunekune piglets are now part of the family and their names are Charlotte and Fern! Kunekune pigs originated from New Zealand, and were actually nearly extinct in the 1970’s. Thanks to the work of conservationists, Kunekune pigs are now a thriving (but still rare) species of domesticated pigs found in several countries including the U.S.

These animals are herbivores and enjoy a diet of grass and hay at the barnyard with other barn animals such as sheep and goats. Kunekune pigs can live up to 16 years and weigh up to 220 pounds!

Kunekune means “fat and round” in Maori, a language spoken by indigenous New Zealanders. This species of pig is in fact smaller than most other domesticated pigs. They also have chin tassels or “piri piri” which are only seen on Kunekune pigs!

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You can meet Charlotte and Fern at the Barnyard. "Did you know that Lake Superior Zoo has over 140 species of animals in indoor & outdoor habitats. Come and meet two rescued brown bears, talk with a parrot, and even hang with a two-toed sloth! At the Lake Superior Zoo they have something for everyone for kids and adults of all ages. We  are so lucky to have this amazing place right in our own back yard an is a place for everyone to have close-up experiences with animals that create connections with wildlife and action toward conservation in our region and around the world!"

The Zoo is open daily 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. grab your masks and stop by today. Tune in tomorrow morning at 8:15 as we visit with Haley from Lake Superior Zoo to talk about their new additions to the zoo Charlotte and Fern the Kunekune Pigs.

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