The Lake Superior Zoo has so many fascinating animals just waiting to see you. This week we are highlighting two super cute Pygmy Slow Loris named Colby & Giorgio. These little adorable animals are nocturnal and do not like being up and around in daylight.

These two came to Lake Superior Zoo last year and are tiny in size, both are around 10 inches long and each weigh less than a pound. They are originally from Southeastern Asia and live in trees. The Pygmy Slow Loris are omnivorous and enjoy different types of plants and insects. Their large eyes help them to hunt and eat in total darkness.

Don't be fooled by these cute little primates they are actually venomous. They produce a secretion from a gland located on their elbow and when it is mixed with their saliva, it  their bite venomous.

The Pgymy Slow Lori spends it's days sleeping rolled up into a little ball and then is active at night hunting for food. When it gets cold they go into a deep sleep like hibernation called torper which is a shorter version than full hibernation. They can be inactive for up to 63 hours with their body temperature dropping to as low as 52 degrees!

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Pygmy Slow Loris are part of The Species Survival Plan Program that enhances the survival rate of endangered species like these. There are almost 500 endangered species in the world that are part of this program and 29 of these animals can be found at Lake Superior Zoo. Conservation of different species is a huge part of what zoos around the world are all working towards, so animals like Colby and Giorgio will be around for generations to come.

Don't forget to get your tickets for Boo at the Zoo going on this weekend October 17 and 18 and October 24 and 25. Tickets will not be sold at the gate, you must purchase them ahead of time and sign up for a specific time frame. Get your tickets before they sell out!

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