Lance Bass, who popped back up into the spotlight earlier this year as part of the 'N Sync reunionat the 2013 VMAs, will be one the hosts of the Coca-Cola® Red Carpet LIVE! Digital Pre-Show on the red carpet at the 2013 AMAs this Sunday, Nov. 24.

The former boy bander and SiriusXM radio host chatted with PopCrush about the event and the upcoming holiday season.

Bass has been around the AMAs block a few times and he has a favorite memory from the annual event, one that dates back nearly 15 years since he was able to cross an item off his bucket list. "My favorite AMA memory was in 1999 when we won, 'Favorite New Artist.' It was the first AMAs we went to. I always dreamed of winning an AMA, especially 'Best New Artist,'" the singer said.

With the holiday season in full swing and Thanksgiving just about a week away, Bass recalled "going to my Grandaddy's church and watching the singing Christmas tree. That really got me into the holiday spirit." He used to nosh on home cooking, too. Mmm! Can you smell the pumpkin pie and stuffing?

Enough about the past. How about the future?

His answer was a simple "No," with a smile, when asked if he and his 'N Sync mates are going to reunite again. We have to point out that Bass was the crusher of hopes and destroyer of dreams when the rumors began, since he said it wasn't happening and he was FIBBING so as to not to blow up their spot and ruin the surprise.

Oh and if he could invite one of his ex-bandmates to dinner this holiday season, it wouldn't be Justin Timberlake, but with good reason. "I would have to choose Joey Fatone because I would get to spend the holidays with my goddaughter," he said.

Aw! Having Lance Bass for a godfather has to be a good thing. Fatone's daugher Briahna is a lucky gal.

Be sure to tune into Lance Bass at the Coca-Cola® Red Carpet LIVE! Digital Pre-Show at the AMAs.

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