The season Finale of The Voice is coming up Monday Night May 23rd and the duet of all times was set to take place. Christina Aguilera singing alongside a hologram of Whitney Houston, but Houston's Family said No!

According to ET (Entertainment Tonight) Pat Houston who is the Executor of Whitney's estate, had issued a statement saying that the family would want this to be perfect for Whitney's fans, and that the technology of holograms is still too new.  Pat went on to say she thought Christina was flawless. The video was apparently leaked on Facebook on May 19th and spread across the Internet since, but has now been taken down.

I agree that this duet is amazing and Christina is really one of the few women on the planet that could sing any of Whitney's songs or do a duet. I am sure the people from The Voice are disappointed. I was lucky enough to watch the video before it was pulled and the hologram does not even really look like Whitney, but for me as fan just hearing the two of them singing together is heart stopping. What do you think, should the family have let this air for her fans?