Oh Snap! Here is to all the people who said we will not get any snow, or said I will believe it when I see it!  Believe It!

A whole winter with hardly any snow and we get 9 inches in one day. Gotta love it! Here at the radio station we were in the same boat as a lot of people, stuck at work. Some of us Literally (see photo). But, a plow through the parking lot, persistence, or  4 wheel drive and good to go.

The best thing I saw  was 2 snowmobiles pull into a gas station in Lakeside yesterday afternoon. The grins on the faces of these 2 guys was priceless. Only in the Northland do you have people pull up in snowmobiles on a very busy residential street.

Thank you to my new neighbors who helped us dig out our side walk. And, to all the people who went the extra mile yesterday, pushing out a complete stranger or did some extra shoveling. Just goes to show Minnesota Nice is not just a saying it truly is a way of life. :)