You probably think making a toast is pretty simple. But if you find yourself outside the U.S. border, you'd be well advised to learn some of these other traditions because the art of making a toast is as unique to each country as its national anthem.

In this video, you'll learn the right way to make a toast in different countries around the world, so if you're downing shots in Hungary or pounding beers with new friends in China, you'll fit right in when it comes time to clink glasses.

From Germany's essential eye contact and "Prost!" to Japan's insistence on not pouring your own beer and "Kanpei" to the U.S.' tradition of paying tribute to the guest of honor with a hearty "Cheers," you'll discover some cultural norms that will raise your eyebrows (and your glasses).

This informative video has us hankering for a drink. What say we all go out and toast it up Armenian style?

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