Legos are so fun to play with, until those darn things end up your nose. That was the case with a now 6 year old boy, who forgot he had lodged a Lego up his nose 3 years prior.

According to Isaak Lasson of Salt Lake City had been battling sinus infections for the last 3 years and none of the many Dr.'s he had seen could figure out what the problem was?

Finally a very observant Dr. had noticed that he had something stuck up his nose that had formed a type of fungus around it. It turned out to be a LEGO wheel, that at one time was very flexible, which Isaak must have folded and stuck up his nose.

His poor parents now feel so badly because, he had this up his nose for so long and did not remember doing it. Thankfully he is totally fine, and is sleeping and eating better. This is a constant danger for young kids as they seem to go for the nose and mouth with tiny objects.

The funniest thing I had ever heard was a friend of mines young son, unbeknown st to her of course, had stuck a peanut M&M up his nose. They found out about it as blue dye starting coming out his nostril. I guess they melt in your nose as well as your mouth.