You can’t spend thirty seconds on the internet without tripping over Game of Thrones breakdowns, but one voice was sorely missing: Leslie Jones! The SNL star is back on the couch with Seth Meyers to break down “The Spoils of War,” joined by one very special guest.

Jones made her delightful return to Late Night With Seth Meyers, as she and the host sat down to watch and comment on this past Sunday’s dragon-filled “Spoils of War.” Come for Jones’ comparison of Bran’s vacant Three-Eyed Raven responses, but definitely stay for a familiar Game of Thrones face bringing whispers of their own to the commentary.

Like the episode itself, it’s pretty much all-out enthusiasm by the time they reach Daenerys and Drogon’s descent onto the battlefield. And while Jones has a pressing question for – spoiler alert – Conleth Hill’s Varys about his true loyalty, she raises another good point: When did Bronn learn how to use the “dragon gun”?

You can watch the full video for yourself above, and stay tuned for more Game of Thrones this weekend.

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