Buzzfeed polled over 800,000 readers with another round of 'Would You Rather', this time with Disney Questions and I decided to play along. It's time to relive my childhood, let's do this!

  • angrykoalagears

    "Would you rather live with seven messy men or three sassy sisters?"

    I grew up an only child, but I would definitely live with seven messy men rather than three sassy sisters. cleaning up after seven dudes is one thing, but living under a roof with three mean arguing women? I'll pass.

  • Disney

    "Have a nose that grows every time you lie or Have totally unmanageable ears?"

    I feel big time for Dumbo on this one. My ears were always bigger than my head growing up, so I'll go with the ears since I'm already used to it. Luckily my head grew so my big ears don't look so big anymore.

  • Disney

    "Have Donald Duck's temper forever or permanently suffer from Goofy's clumsiness?"

    I smile and joke around way too much to have Donald's temper. So bring on the clumsiness which I'm pretty sure I already have.

  • Sara Franks-Allen

    "Look after 101 well-behaved dogs or one out-of-control alien?"

    If the dogs are well-behaved is this even a question? Looks like I'm buying a bigger house, because I'll take on 101 well-behaved dogs any day! Aliens are way too unpredictable, sorry stitch.

  • Justin McTwisp, DeviantART

    "Maleficent's dazzling looks or Cruella De Vil's impeccable style?"

    Well, anybody with devil in their name is not to be trusted, so I'll dawn the green skin hands down.

  • Disney

    "Have immearsuble strenght and be the son of a God or have powerover the cold and rule your own kingdom?"

    I can't let this one go, I'll totally be Queen Elsa and run my own ice kingdom. Nothing better than building snowmen and singing!