In the case of being an LGBTQ+ ally, Liam Payne has been accused by fans and followers of totally missing the mark.

As part of a Pride month campaign — and ahead of London's own pride celebrations — Adidas asked a handful of celebrities to weigh in on what made them proud. Stars like David Beckham, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss all made contributions.

And then...there was Payne.

"I think since I've had a little boy, everything changes in life. I'm aiming more for him to be prouder of me, and already he's making me a better man, which I think is incredible," he said.

The sentiment was seen by followers as more than a little tone deaf, and many asked whether Payne even understood that the question was in reference to the LGBTQ+ community. One follower asked if Payne thought pride was "literally about being proud of things?”

Followers also noted the strangeness of the campaign's choice to speak to mostly heterosexual stars.

"I've stared at this for about 15 minutes now. What? What is this? Is this a joke? What the f--- is going on? Are we just a little branding exercise now for the potato one from 1D and other straights of note? Someone, please, lead us out of this abyss!" one wrote with the excerpt above.

Still, it was just about a year ago that Payne voiced his support of the community with an Instagram post that he captioned "LGBTQ rights."

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