The Lincoln Park Craft District is banding together to help people in the community and local businesses out with a project called "Lifting Lincoln Park." The basis of the fundraiser is to help people in the community and local businesses in Lincoln Park to help them financially through these trying times.

Businesses in Lincoln Park collaborated with the idea of fundraising through a cookbook that OMC Smokehouse is putting together that features recipes from the restaurant. They are asking people to donate $50.  According to WDIO "$25 goes to buying the cookbook, $15 goes to Lincoln Park businesses with the purchase of a gift card, and $10 goes to helping families in need in the community."

With the loss of major tourism dollars many local businesses all over the Twin Ports are worried that they will be able to stay open until the shelter in place is over. The goal for now is to raise $50,000.

Tom Hanson, the owner of OMC Smokehouse spoke with WDIO saying "I feel like many small businesses work too hard for the money they make and will just opt to walk away under desperate times. So if we can't bring a community back together, if we can't bring the energy back to Lincoln Park, Lincoln Park would be someone else's problem. And that's why it's so passionate to me. We're trying to make enough to put in our bank so that we're not relying on government funding or grants. And then the other half is 50 percent of everything we raise is going right back to the neighbors, the businesses, the nonprofits, the families in this neighborhood."

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